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Golden Apple
Apple has become the world's most valuable brand, edging internet search engine giant Google off it's pedestal. This is according to Millard Brown Optimor's annual "BrandZ: Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands" study, which also estimates the brand value at a whopping US$153.3 billion. Following closely is Google, with an estimated brand value of US$111.5 billion. IBM, McDonald's and Microsoft made up the rest of the Top five according to the study.
STI Soars After Election
With a clear mandate from the people, the PAP has clinched another decisive victory over the opposition parties this GE 2011. Singapore's long standing reputation of political stability has further cemented the country's dominance in the global markets and immediately after the election results, the STI index rose 1.21% when the market opened for trading on 9th May 2011 morning, signaling healthy public sentiments and an overall optimism in the air on the economical climate on this sunny island.