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Corporate Car Sales & Car Insurance
Simply Cars

Where Buying Cars Should be Simple. Simply Cars' motto captures the essence of what we hope to achieve: to help a potential car buyer purchase the right car - and at the right price. Besides specializing in consultancy services for car owners and corporate firms, we are also one-stop centre for all your insurance needs.

Here are some of our unique differentiation points, and the reason why you should chose Simply Cars:

- An in-house car workshop, with a 24-hour towing and repair service

- One of four firms in Singapore to assist drivers when they meet with accidents in both Singapore and Malaysia

- Other than motor insurance, we also specialize in corporate insurance (workmen compensation, fire, money etc), project insurance, travel insurance as well as marine insurance.

- We work with 14 different insurance firms instead of just the usual handful. This allows us to give you the best quotes possible and tailor the ideal insurance plan for your requirements.

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Tel: 6100 8070

Website: http://www.simplycars.com.sg