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Youth Entrepreneur Network (YEN) ENTRY 2014
11-Jan   | Time:  09:00 AM  -  10:00 PM   | Venue:  SIM HQ
The annual Entrepreneur, The Real You (ENTRY) 2014 event boasts an exciting programme line-up with a newly structured business game tailored to broaden the participants’ concept of entrepreneurship. The ENTRY GAMES will feature a realistic simulated game that equips players with skills and practical knowledge of entrepreneurship. Participating teams can experience real time decision-making in an interactive and fun environment.

The second sub-event of the day is ENTRY EMBARK—an appreciation dinner and networking session hosted by YEN to thank its supporting members, alumni and other organizations for its present achievements.
COIE-SPRING Enterprise X-Change Forum 2013
03-Dec   | Time:  08:30 AM  -  02:00 PM   | Venue:  Blk A, Theatre for the Arts, Nanyang Polytechnic
Jointly organized by Centre of Innovation for Electronics (COIE) and SPRING, the Enterprise X-Change Forum 2013 is a platform to address the growing importance and ever increasing pervasiveness of the Internet-of-Things technologies in our world today.

Come and hear from experts and practitioners, both locally and overseas, the latest trends, developments and opportunities in this fast growing space! Take the opportunity to interact with enterprises and developers to understand how they are leveraging the Internet-of-Things for new business innovations, opportunities and growth.

Network and explore opportunities for synergistic collaboration and partnerships and also learn more about the platforms and funding avenues to de-risk and accelerate development of innovative products and solutions.

The list of distinguished guest speakers include Mr Fung Mok Wing (SPRING Singapore), Mr Terence Gan (EDB Singapore), Ms Lim Siew Eng (Nanyang Polytechnic), Dr Jim Tully (Gartner Inc), and Mr Kim Walker (Silver Group).

To register for the event, please go to http://goo.gl/BYtC5y
Tel: 6550-0707 | Email: hor_zheng_yi@nyp.edu.sg

Research, Funding and Pitching Workshop 2013
26-Nov   | Time:  07:00 PM  -  10:00 PM   | Venue:  SIM Lecture Theatre / Classroom
Research, Funding and Pitching Workshop 2013 is organized by Young Entrepreneur Network (YEN) from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). The theme for this workshop is Research (how to do proper market research etc), Business Procedures (how to go about starting a business, easiest ways to look for funds etc) along with Pitching (how to pitch effectively and etc). The Small Medium Business Association is delighted to lend our support by providing them with speakers. This workshop is open to all our existing business luminaries. For interested companies, please contact us at 6352 8971 or finance@smba.org.sg
Real Business Mentorship Program 2013
24-Oct   | Time:  06:00 PM   | Venue:  SMU Administration Building, University Lounge (Level 6)
Real Business Mentorship program is a program initiated by the Alumni Department of SMU Real Business, the Entrepreneurial club of SMU. This program aims to boost entrepreneurial spirit by providing an avenue for interested or budding entrepreneurs to experience first-hand from individuals about the success and challenges of their business. It will also be a platform for the potential entrepreneurs (mentees) in SMU to be guided by the existing entrepreneurs (mentors).

The Small Medium Business Association is committed to Building the Next Generation of Business Leaders, and we are delighted to lend our support by providing mentors for the Enterprise Consulting Program organized by SMU - Real Business (SMURB) Entrepreneurship Club.

At the ‘Opening Night’ of the Enterprise Consulting Program held on Thursday, 24th of October 2013, the mentees will officially be handed over to the mentors.

Real Journeys Workshop (Performing Arts/ Entertainment)
17-Oct   | Time:  07:00 PM  -  09:00 PM   | Venue:  SMU classroom, 81 Victoria Street Singapore 188065
This workshop serves as a platform for the audience and the speaker to share their opinions in an interactive and open-style discussions

Speakers could use some of these suggestions, or introduce their own
- share your experiences in running a business
- success & challenges of setting up the business
- a real challenge faced by the business owner is thrown to the audience for them to try and solve it

Time: 7pm
Time of Arrival: 6.30pm
Speaker: Ms Vanessa Wee
Company name: DoReiMi Music School Pte Ltd

Time: 8pm
Time of Arrival: 7.30pm
Speaker: Ms Joy Khau
Company name: Music Solutions