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18-Apr   | Time:  10:30 AM  -  12:30 PM   | Venue:  Mandarin Orchard Hotel, 333 Orchard Road, Main Tower, Level 8 Singapore 238867

If you’re an entrepreneur would you rather compete on price or be the sought after authority? No brainer, right?

But it’s a harsh reality that your business success lives and dies on perception in the marketplace.
How can you immediately position yourself as the go-to expert? Publish your own book.

Before you say, “easier said than done” – you need to know about Gerry Robert.

Like many starting out entrepreneurs, Gerry struggled until he hit upon the marketing tool that propelled him to success – eventually generating over $100 million.

Learn how you can finally get paid what you’re worth Publish a book and grow rich Gerry found that presenting his expertise in book form suddenly placed him head and shoulders above his competition.

His results were so amazing he wondered if this could apply to any enterprise.

After 6 books sharing his proprietary systems, the answer is a resounding “YES”! Gerry Robert will be speaking at this FREE workshop on the 18th of April!
SMBA Lo Hei Networking Event
04-Mar   -  04th March 2015  | Time:  05:30 AM  -  09:00 AM   | Venue:  Porsche Car Showroom
A lineup of exciting activities for our Executive club members Exclusive Lo Hei Networking at Porsche Car Showroom cum Tea appreciation and Porsche test drive session.
NTU Career Fair 2015
03-Feb   | Time:  10:00 AM  -  06:00 PM   | Venue:  Nanyang Technological University
The annual career fair, a highlight of NTU's recruitment campaigns, provides a platform for companies' visibility and communication with both students and alumni. Hosted on campus, the recruitment fair is a vital opportunity for brand building and interaction between employers and participants. Global
NUS Career Fair 2015
13-Feb   | Time:  10:00 AM  -  06:00 PM   | Venue:   National University of Singapore, Multi-Purpose Sports Hall 1 & 2
The NUS Career Fair is the largest on-campus recruitment event each year with over 200 companies and 9,000 students attending.
Breakfast talk series, Regional Outlook 2015
21-Jan   | Time:  08:00 AM   | Venue:  MDIS Auditorium
You are cordially invited to join MDIS for a breakfast talk series, Regional Outlook 2015.

This event provides an opportunity to mingle with PMEs, alumni and members from organisation, whilst to find out

- What you can do to prepare yourself for the upcoming ASEAN integration

- The rise of China as an economic world power

- The potential consequences from policy changes in India and Indonesia

Details of the workshops are as follows -

Date : 21 January 2015, Wednesday

Time : 9 am ( 8am registration & breakfast)

Venue : MDIS Auditorium

It’s complimentary for you and your friend. Register now!

Interested participants, please

(1.) Write to MDIS via corporate@mdis.edu.sg with the following details:


(2.) Alternatively, for on-line registration, click

(3.) Contact them at 6796 7140 for further enquiry.

Looking forward to your favourable participation!