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About Us
About SMBA
SMBA was formed as a flagship initiative by a team of local business men & women operating SMEs spanning across diverse industries and disciplines. The core vision of this organization is Building a New Generation of Business Leaders. Our community of entrepreneurs are dedicated to uphold the best business practices and ethics, being exemplary luminaries for a new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs to emulate.

In line with our mission to promote entrepreneurship among youth talents in Singapore, SMBA works closely with local universities and their entrepreneurship clubs such as the NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES) to facilitate joint projects and events targeted to instill business thinking among the youths as well as support them with advisors, mentors and resources to further their aspirations.

At the same time, SMBA has, together with industry partners, spearheaded diverse media platforms designed to recognize excellent business practices amongst local SMEs and to further greater innovation, achieve higher industrial service levels and promote uncompromising business ethics.

With a growing number of SMEs being set up in this fast developing economy to cater to ever increasing consumer demands and a rapidly expanding economy, SMBA strives to provide support, resources and a public platform for local businesses to leverage on. One segment that the association works closely with are start-ups with less than 10 years of operations in the market. Often these companies are not given the right amount of media exposure within the economy. However, these are the very structures that provide employment, drive innovation and lend our country a competitive edge against other economies. Our task is therefore to raise the profiles of these companies, helping them grow into robust organizations that can compete and thrive on the world stage - cementing their position of importance in our country.

As part of this over-arching initiative, SMBA is constantly driving campaigns to boost the inherent brand power and market presence of the local SMEs - supporting initiatives such as the Promising SME 500. SMBA also creates a network for individuals, organizations and companies to exchange valuable insights, resources and ideas to promote synergistic growth within industrial sectors and also across the broader economy.

About our Logo
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Forged with our core vision of Building a New Generation of Business Leaders and Promoting Entrepreneurial Excellence, the SMBA logogram consists of two "flames", one gold and the other red.

The Golden "flame" speaks of the established enterprises who form the bedrock of our country's business landscape. They form the foundation for all new businesses and start-ups - represented by the Red "flame".

At the same time, the Golden "flame" represents the heart of entrepreneurship - intrinsic values, ethics, business fundamentals, the spirit of innovation and the organic need of all entrepreneurs to give something of value to the community. The Red "flame" represents the passion and drive that is required for all businesses to thrive.

The passion and drive is built upon the business fundamentals - hence the red flame is placed above the golden flame.